James Farmer Progress

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Posted 27 Feb 2012 in Uncategorized

For this week, our group finished the group contracts and continued pushing forward on our individual assignments. Michelle and I started looking through and uploading the video, but ran into some problems in the uploading process – the videos, even compressed down into small quicktime files, were too large for vimeo’s basic account. We tried uploading the video to youtube, and it uploaded successfully, but it couldn’t be played because the video was too long. There are ways to increase the video length you can upload on youtube, but I’m not sure at the moment how one goes about doing that. It seems to be offered at random by youtube itself…?¬†Another thing we should look at is different file types. It seems to me that I should be able to compress the file down to the appropriate size, but I don’t know how. Clearly, google and experimentation will be necessary. As for the workload, Michelle and I are talking about splitting the work of uploading and subclipping by going to the media lab whenever we are free and uploading a video and while that’s processing sublipping it into key story parts. Those we can then use for making the trailer.¬†It should be interesting to see what we can figure out!


  1. kmatthews

    As I am almost done with rough drafting the transcripts, once I finalize them, I can come help you all with the video. These darn videos are causing a headache. Also, we can go into the transcriptions to pick out key parts of Farmer’s story and highlight that part. Good job though troubleshooting through all the hurdles!